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If you love to eat (who doesn’t?), have your taste buds experience the exotic Malay delicacies from around the country and also dishes that are exclusive to Kelantan. Have your breakfast with Roti Canai, your lunch with Nasi Kerabu and cap your dinner with a sumptuous plate of Telur Bungkus.


You love holidays that take you out of your busy city life, but you still need to shop for your usuals in malls that sell brands you are familiar with. Don’t worry – though Kelantan is rich with cultural heritage, we are also a modern community.


Kelantan is on of the traveler’s dream destinations, thanks to its architecture, natural haven, historical places, temples, rustic fishing villages, and beaches – you can see that Kelantan has something for everyone. 

Arts & Crafts

Immerse yourself in a variety of traditional art forms. Watch Silat, the Malay martial arts, or see how musical instruments such as Rebana Ubi (a giant drum) are played. From spinning top, to kite-flying, Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) and Mak Yong (a traditional musical theatre), a visit to Gelanggang Seni gives you a great insight into arts.